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679 Davis Drive, Newmarket
125 Pedersen Drive, Aurora
250 Harding Blvd., Richmond Hill
955 Major Mackenzie Drive, Vaughan

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1.Is our requisition easy to follow? If not, please list suggestions for improvement in the comments section down below.

2.Are staff friendly and courteous when you call?

3. The waiting period to get an appointment?

4. The facility accomodates urgent patient requests?

5. A radiologist is available for consult?

6. Reports are received within 24-48 hours?

7. Reports are clearly stated?

8. Urgent report findings are communicated in a timely fashion?

9. When additional tests are recommended, the resulting information is important to patient care?

10. The radiologist's findings are generally consistent with your clinical findings?

11. The recommendations received are useful in patient management?

12. Overall, how satisifed are you with the facility in the past 6 months?

13. Are there exams that you would like to see us perform that we are not currently providing?
14. Do you order Nuclear Medicine (e.g. Bone Scans, Gallium and Cardian exams)?



15. Are you aware that we now offer patients online booking?



16. What EMR are you using?