ontario breast screening program (obsp)

No longer offered at our Aurora Clinic.

To book an appointment, please call instead the Medical Arts Building (Southlake Hospital) at (905) 895-4521, extension x2665 or Mackenzie Health Hospital at (905) 883-2004 to book an appointment.

Please note: The Radiologists at our Aurora clinic continue to report at both hospitals and have direct access to your previous images and reports from the clinic.

Women are eligible for OBSP if they:

  • Are 50 years of age and over
  • Have not had a mammogram within the last year
  • Have not had breast implants
  • Have no significant breast complaints
  • Have no previous history of breast cancer
  • Have no mammographic and/or ultrasound abnormalities that are being followed

If the patient's screen is normal?

  • The physician will receive a report and the patient will also receive the results by mail
  • A recall letter will be sent to the patient for repeat screening in 2 years or in some situations 1 year
  • Additionally, OBSP will facilitate a 1-year recall at the patient's discretion

If the patient's screen is abnormal?

  • The patient will be recalled for mammography work-up (extra views) and all reports (screening and diagnostic) will be sent to their physician's office. The patient will be advised to see their physician for these results and any further follow-up action that is required.

We recommend that all women be breast aware. Breast awareness means knowing how your breasts normally look and feel and knowing what changes to look for. If you notice any changes, see your family doctor of nurse practitioner. Most changes are not cancerous but you should have them checked right away.