PACS Contact

Lori Myers
Systems Administrator
Cell:(647) 992-1827
Fax: (289) 553-5042

Please contact our Systems Administrator, Lori Myers to inquire about how to set up your office computer for secure PACS access.

Effective May 19, 2020

X-Ray Associates is pleased to announce it has a new Referring Physician Image View Portal!

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Q1. What are the Computer Requirements for using the Referral Portal?
Referral Portal is an internet site. You can use any browser or Operating system.
Q2. What are the steps for accessing the Referral Portal?
Step 1: Save the URL link to your browser.
  1. Copy the following link into your browser
  2. Once you have copied the link, save it as a Favorite in your internet browser or on your desktop.

Step 2: Call our System Administrator, Lori Myers to get your password.
Contact Lori Myers at 647-992-1827 or email her at to create a password for you.

Step 3. Changing your default password.

  1. To change your default passwored, click the 'Profile button' in the top right corner and then select 'Change Password'. Enter your current password and then create a new password.